Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t make recommendations but “Active” means the Top Pick is still held as such and the team has not put any “Buy Below” restrictions. Our favorite dossier of them all is actually not about a stock but rather a philosophy:

Market Intelligence: Investing to Build Wealth

“Active” would be relevant in that context.

All Top Picks are focused on long term investing.

We do not provide trade recommendations.

If you have concerns over portfolio allocation and risk management, we suggest working with a registered financial advisor.

Yes – the “Top Picks” tab is up to date and reflecting CML’s current position.
Sometimes buy below prices never hit — and if they do not, we don’t always opt to include them in the CML Pro Top Picks portfolio.
Any changes to the underlying thesis will be published to all CML Pro members with an explanatory dossier when/if that time comes.
CML Pro’s verified record is the “Top Picks” tab at and is available only to members.
If you are a member, you can see the complete history of any ticker by clicking the ticker on “Top Picks” to expand the dossier list. From there, you can see the add date to the portfolio and price, as well as the close date and price if applicable.
Dates and prices were verified by third party auditing firm Krost:
You can find webinar recording on the “Pro Research” tab, or quickly navigate to the recording by clicking ticker “THINK” in the Search By Symbol Section:

The most recent webinar recording will always be linked in the upper right corner of “Pro Research” for easy review.

Mr. Gottlieb’s personal portfolio is not a part of any CML subscription service.
Gottlieb does share his current position on each stock at the time of publication on each dossier.
Additionally, he usually shares his current portfolio allocation during each quarterly webinar, but he does so at his discretion.
You can review your account details, update your payment method, or cancel your subscription on the “Account” tab in the upper right corner:

To change your user ID, update your email and click “Save Profile”

Update your payment method, review renewal details, or cancel your account under the “Subscriptions” section:

You can find our current product offerings with links, for more details click here:
We host quarterly review webinars with live Q&A sessions.
We do not answer questions about stocks individually, Top Picks or otherwise, as we have an obligation to present any new information to the entire CML Pro community at once.
You can submit your questions ahead of time via email or via the Q&A during the live session.
Please keep an eye out for your webinar invitation each quarter for further details.