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One on One exclusive CEO and Executive interviews
The clout of the CML Pro membership base, including institutional members, has made CML Pro a highly desired outlet for executive teams to tell their story and fall under the microscope of CML Pro analysis. The information asymmetry that exists between the institutional investor and the retail investor is in large part enabled by incongruent access to executives. At CML Pro, that asymmetry has been shattered.
The Imprimatur of Verification
Unlike any other research service we have ever known, including the largest investment banks in the world, the CML Pro track record has in fact been verified by an award winning audit firm that has been operating since 1939. The next time you see a research service, ask them if they have verification from an audit firm – when you hear “no,” maybe there’s a reason.

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CML Pro trading software is used by thousands

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The complete CML Pro long-term track record has been verified by an award-winning audit firm that has been in business since 1939. This verification report is available to CML Pro members.

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We're the "anti-institution" solution.

As a member of the famed Thomson Reuters First Call, our research sits next to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays, Morgan Stanley and every other multi billion dollar institution. But while they pay upwards of $2,000 a month on their live terminals, we level the playing field and bring day traders the same technology for much, much less.

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Unlike any other research service we have ever known, including the largest investment banks in the world, with CML Pro you see a track record verified by an award winning audit firm. We are proud of our results and have nothing to hide.

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CML Pro trading software is used by thousands

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Ophir Gottlieb isn't just another trader, he's the leader of a movement -- a community of individual traders coming together to take on the institutions that have used their tools to take advantage of retail traders for years.

​ CML Pro is more than a way to get market edge, it's a way to join a community that is leveling the playing field against the Hedge Funds and Institutional Traders of the world.

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We've Brought In The Big Guns

Meet the Capital Market Labs Team
Founders and Lead Strategists Behind CML Pro

Ophir Gottlieb, CEO

As one of the most influential options traders in today's market, we could devote a whole website to Ophir's credentials!

Not only is he one of the earliest scientists to identify deep learning, and in particular, neural networks, as a novel approach to examining financial markets.

Mr Gottlieb’s mathematics, measure theory and machine learning background stems from his graduate work in mathematics and measure theory at Stanford University and his time as an option market maker on the NYSE and CBOE exchange floors. He has been cited by various financial media including Reuters, Bloomberg, Wall St. Journal, Dow Jones Newswire and through re-publications in Barron’s, Forbes, SF Chronicle, Chicago Tribune and Miami Herald and is often seen on financial television.

James A. Kaplan,Chairman

Mr. Kaplan is a founding director of MarketWatch, and is widely recognized as one of the grandfather’s of modern portfolio theory.

For the past 20 years, James Kaplan’s research interests and entrepreneurial ventures have focused on innovations designed to improve the predictive and explanatory power of classical finance theories and portfolio management philosophies.

Before he co-founded CML, Mr. Kaplan as Vice Chairman and Chief Executive of GMI Ratings (now part of MSCI). In this role, Mr. Kaplan developed novel risk modeling methodologies to help capital market participants mitigate the impact of what he has dubbed “routine anomalies”. The term refers to high-impact events stemming from variables typically overlooked in classical economic theories.

Jason Hitchings, CTO

Jason Hitchings is the Chief Technology Officer at CML. He has diverse background in software engineering, product development, data visualizations as well as numerical analysis and real-time algorithmic option pricing.

He was the lead developer and product manager that led to one of the first ever SQL databases that updated asset prices in real-time; an accomplishment at the time that was considered by many in the industry to be impossible but is now common place in all of the exchanges and major banks in the world. Jason’s experience includes Head of Product at data visualization firm, Quid, the co-founder and lead engineer of financial analytics firm and broker-dealer, Livevol, Inc. Jason has also worked as the lead software engineer on Lockheed Martin’s Joint Strike Fighter Autonomic Logistics team.

Tom White, Data Scientist

As Director of Quantitative Research for Audit Integrity (now part of MSCI) Tom applied predictive analytic techniques to model accounting fraud and securities class action litigation. Mr. White led the Analytic Science team at KUITY in ground breaking work applying ‘Big Data’ techniques to the field of philanthropy, ultimately resulting in the creation and spinoff of Posiba, Inc. As a consultant at First USA Bank, Mr. White’s team was an early analytics adopter, using predictive models to optimize marketing efforts, increasing profits from 3rd party products by over 250% in just 24 months. He is considered an expert at trading software.

Mr. White received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia and a Certification in Data Mining from the University of California, San Diego.

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